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PatBase is a searchable patent database covering over 40 million patent families with historical information dating back to the early 1900s. Developed in partnership by Minesoft Ltd and RWS Group, PatBase offers a wealth of innovative features.

Grouped in patent families
PatBase offers a single platform with comprehensive data, organised for efficient and full searching. Grouped into extended patent families, with each unique invention representing one consolidated family, PatBase allows for simpler, more rapid searching and clear, logical display. As the only commercial patent information database to be designed by professional patent searchers, PatBase was designed with the users' needs in mind. PatBase is searchable using a search form, a command line, or a combination of both. Searches can be saved at all stages and results folders can be kept, exported or shared with colleagues.

Searchable Full Text, Citation Searching, Alerting Service
PatBase offers over 30 million full-text searchable documents from the US, EP, PCT, GB, DE and FR patent-issuing authorities. A hit map and keyword-in-context hit analysis assist users in document examination. PatBase also offers citation searching enabling users to navigate through patent and non-patent documents cited against US, EP, and WO publications. An alerting service, which provides clients with up-to-date reports on their search criteria, is available on a weekly or monthly basis.

Searchable by major patent classification
Searching can be conducted by subject matter using IPC, USPC, ECLA, JP and DE classification systems. The PatBase statistical analysis feature enables users to analyse the frequency of a particular classification. For example, within keyword search results. Using the statistical analysis tool users can also analyse filing patterns of their competitors, locate the main patent filers within a specific area of technology, or simply identify the most appropriate classification for a particular subject.
PatBase and IPC 8

Integrated click through services
Click through services are offered to extend and verify the information beyond the front-page data. Integrated links enable users to view legal status information and leading patent registers. Original patent copies can also be obtained. Users can customise the bibliographic information they see in their initial results, enabling them to quickly identify whether the patent is of interest. Further links to classification definitions are provided. A link to full-text on each family record allows users to delve into a chosen patent to explore it in more depth. Machine translation and advanced statistical analysis (VizPat) are fully integrated. There are links to patent information services including expert searches, legal status reports and patent translation services.

Cost effective subscription
PatBase is available by annual subscription. There is one fixed annual charge and no hidden costs providing budgetary peace of mind.

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Quick Guide

  • 30m patent families dating back to early 1900s
  • Subject matter searches by IPC, USPC, ECLA, JP, DE - as well as keywords
  • Searchable abstracts and full text, keyword highlighting, hit maps
  • Updated weekly on publication day, rapid Alert Service available
  • Integrated PDF ordering, legal status, registers, statistical analysis, translations and more


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